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Is your teen struggling?  Do they tend to act out, misbehave, or argue?  Have they been moody or unmotivated?  Does it seem like, no matter what you try, nothing seems to help?


You don’t have to do this alone.


My name is Devin Dutson, LCSW.  As a parent and father, I know how difficult it can be to watch your children struggle, which is why I provide therapy for teens from all over the Pleasant Grove area (Lehi, American Fork, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson, and beyond), as well as online therapy for people all over Utah.  I also offer parent coaching along with therapy for teens to help boost their progress and support you along the way. 


If you are ready to get started, contact me today.  Or, read on to learn more about therapy for teens.


Does my teen need therapy?


Adolescence is supposed to be a time of growth, self-exploration, and making sense of the world. 


Teens begin to ask themselves the big questions.  Who do you want to be?  What do you really believe?  Where do you want to live?  What choices do I want to make for myself? 


Additionally, teens must face a host of unique stressors and challenges along the way:

  • Learning to manage emotions

  • Dealing with bullying and other peer issues

  • Academic and athletic pressure

  • Dating and making friends

  • Finding balance (screen use, physical activity, work, etc.)

  • Navigating social media

  • Coping with grief or loss

  • Making the family proud

  • Physical appearance and social reputation

  • Divorce or separation of parents


Teens react to these kinds of issues in many different ways. 


Some teens are able to adjust and adapt on their own while others struggle.  Some become moody, irritable, or withdrawn.  Some become obsessed with work, achievement, and success, even to the point of intense self-criticism.  Others might turn to distractions (e.g., video games) or other self harming behaviors such as pornography.


Whatever your teen is experiencing, the best way to know if they need therapy is if what’s happening causes one of these to happen:






If your teen is experiencing distress, they might appear irritable, angry, sad, or overwhelmed.  If their behavior is causing problems (or dysfunction), that might look like poor academic performance or engaging in unhealthy habits.  If they are disregarding rules, such as disobeying parents or breaking laws, those are examples of deviance.  Finally, if they are in danger of harming themselves or someone else, therapy is warranted.


How does therapy for teens work?


Therapy for teens is designed to do three things.


First, therapy offers a safe, confidential space for teens to feel understood and supported.  Kids and teens often struggle with opening up fully to family members – especially parents – and so therapy provides a neutral, third-party relationship for having their needs met.  Over time, your teen may also begin to open up more to you as they develop comfort with sharing their internal world with others. 


Second, therapy can help teens learn essential coping strategies for managing stress and emotions.  Teens can learn to practice mindfulness, self-compassion, and effective self-care strategies as they begin to make the critical transition into adulthood. 


And third, therapy provides an opportunity for teens to explore answers to the big questions in life.  Who do they want to be when they grow up?  What matters most to them?  How do they want to be as an adult?  Therapists can help challenge and guide your teen as they learn to find their own internal compass. 


No matter how long your teen has struggled, no matter how difficult things might seem, therapy can make things better. 


What is therapy for teens look like with Devin?


Let me join your team. 


Therapy for teens works a bit differently than therapy for adults.  Parents may have access to treatment information, but teens also tend to respond best to therapy when therapy is private.  At the beginning of treatment, I work with parents and the teen to identify how involved parents will be and what information will be shared (e.g., safety concerns).  Additionally, I strive to provide tips and support for parents through parent coaching to help give your teen an optimal therapy experience. 


As your teen makes progress in therapy, they can learn to:

  • Understand their thoughts and feelings

  • Overcome depression and anxiety

  • Manage stress in healthy ways

  • Be active and make progress towards goals

  • Discover the person they want to become


Let’s Find Your Compass.


It’s more than just a name. 


Too many of us feel lost, stagnant, and uncertain.  I founded Compass Mental Health Services because everyone deserves a chance to find their purpose, their mission in life.  I want to help make that happen. 


Are you interested in signing up for your first session?  Don’t wait!  I would love to hear from you.


I work with teens and adults from all over Utah: Pleasant Grove, Lehi, American Fork, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson, and beyond. 

All therapy sessions are completely confidential. I am able to hold therapy sessions online for safety and convenience at this time, if that is preferable to you. 


If you have questions or would like further details, let me know!    


Office Location:

1404 West State Rd. Room 205
Pleasant Grove UT 84062


Office Phone:


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